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The Foundational Digital Skills Curriculum is designed to empower individuals with the fundamental knowledge and capabilities needed to thrive in our interconnected, technology-driven world. The curriculum is focused on bridging the digital divide, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life (farmers,traders, nurses, community health workers, Agricultural extension officers, fishermen, informal associations like boda-boda,  house assistance, Chamas, construction workers, plumbers, shoe makers, “Mama Mboga”) have equal access to the transformative power of digital skills and the myriad of digital work and digital opportunities.

Cost of Training Subsidised at Ksh 500/=

CodeTrainingStructureDurationCost (Ksh)
Bundled2 Days500
F101Operating Digital Devices
F102Making Social Connection
F103Doing Business
F104Accessing Government Services
F105Cyber Hygiene for Everyone
F106eWaste Management

The Basic Digital Skills  is a short course curriculum that serves as a guide to empower individuals with the essential knowledge and proficiencies required to thrive in a digitally driven society.  It recognizes that basic digital skills are not just about clicking buttons and navigating screens; they are about unlocking the potential for learning, communication, innovation, and empowerment for digital opportunities.
Through this curriculum, learners will gain the confidence and competence to engage with digital tools, explore new horizons, and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape. As we introduce this Basic Digital Skills Curriculum, we open the doors to a world of opportunities, creativity, and digital fluency. It will provide individuals with foundational skills and equip  them for success in not only in their personal and professional lives but also for active participation in shaping the future of our digital society.

Cost of Training Subsidised at Ksh 2,500/=

CodeTrainingStructureDurationCost (Ksh)
Bundled10 Days2,500
B201Digital Devices in a Digital Workspace
B202Skills in Basic Productivity Tools
B203Communication and Collaboration
B204Accessing Government Services & Youth Opportunities
B205Basic Video Production and Editing
B206Learning Online
B207Basic Online Work Skills
B208Online Business &Digital Entrepreneurship
B209Cyber Hygiene for Workers
B210Basic E-Waste Management

Welcome to the Intermediate Digital Skills course, a comprehensive exploration of key topics that will empower you in the digital realm and beyond. This course targets people with average digital skills who wish to upscale their skills. This course equips leaners with the skills to collaborate effectively in today’s digital workspace; navigate digital ethics while enhancing their cybersecurity knowledge to ensure a principled and secure online presence; discover how to craft engaging eLearning content for impactful online learning experiences; unleash the power of data by mastering its management, analysis, and application in decision-making; navigate digital marketing strategies and grasp the essentials of online commerce; create visually appealing and responsive websites using user-centric design principles and coding skills; embark on your coding journey, grasping programming fundamentals with Python; create multimedia content, from graphic design to effective visual storytelling; understand the intricacies of computer networking, protocols, and online connectivity; explore emerging digital payment trends and even develop your solutions.

CodeTrainingStructureDurationCost (Ksh)Register
I301Tools and Soft Skills for Digital Workspace; Accessing Government services & youth OpportunitiesUnit40 HoursAccessible for free with any of the premium training
I302Digital Ethics, Security and PrivacyUnit40 HoursAccessible for free with any of the premium training
I303Advanced Excel for the AnalysisUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I304eLearning Content ProductionUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I305Data Management and AnalyticsUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I306Digital Marketing , E-Commerce & EntrepreneurshipUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I307Web Design and Development Unit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I308Introduction to Programming with PythonUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I309Multimedia and Content Creation Unit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I310Fundamentals of NetworkingUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I311Digital Payment Solutions DevelopmentUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I312Fundamentals of Project ManagementUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I313eWaste Management & CircularityUnit40 Hours5,000REGISTER
I314Cyber hygiene for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Unit40 Hours5,000REGISTER

Advanced Digital Skills are essential in the modern world due to the increasing reliance on technology and the digital transformation of various sectors of the economy. By investing in advanced digital literacy and proficiency, societies can thrive in the digital era, promoting economic growth, social equity, and individual empowerment. Through this program, the government aims at promoting Economic Empowerment through enhancing employability and opening up opportunities in the rapidly evolving job market; bridging the digital divide, reducing inequalities in technology adoption and improving social inclusion; contributing to technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and the growth of a knowledge-based economy. Further, the curriculum will nurture critical thinking, analytical reasoning, develop competencies in problem-solving, advanced data analysis skills, and interpretive skills. Moreover, the curriculum is designed to equip individuals with the expertise and competencies required to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

CodeTrainingStructureDurationCost (Ksh)Register
A401AI for SDGsUnit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A402Fintech Technologies (Fintech)Unit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A403Cybersecurity and AnalyticsUnit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A404Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication (IoT)Unit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A405Data Analytics for Decision MakingUnit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A406Advanced Project ManagementUnit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A407EWaste Management and Circular AIUnit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A408Digital Project Monitoring and Evaluation (MeL)Unit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A409Project Contract ManagementUnit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
A410Large Programme ManagementUnit80 Hours12,000REGISTER
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